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History and Mission


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Diverse Student Body

FWCS currently has an enrollment of some 260 students in preschool through eighth grade. The student body is comprised of about 200 families from some 40 different churches. Its staff attends 30 different churches. In admitting students, FWCS does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, or ethnic origin.


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Current Facilities

Since 1988 FWCS has been housed in its own modern, debt-free facilities located adjacent to the First Wesleyan Church. FWCS's campus includes 24 classrooms, a full-sized gym, and five playgrounds.


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Academic Quality

On national achievement testing, FWCS students consistently score in the top 25 percent of all students--both public and private. As a group, FWCS kindergarteners score in the top 5% of the nation. In most school years, over 20% of kindergarteners score in the top 1% of the nation (99th percentile). Each year FWCS students capture numerous top honors in interscholastic academic contests.


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Enriched Curriculum

FWCS's traditional curriculum focuses on all commonly-taught academic subjects while also emphasizing Bible study, character training, world cultures, creative writing, public speaking, computer technology, keyboarding, and music.


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Discipleship Training

FWCS seeks to Educate for Eternity by faithfully and systematically integrating a traditional Biblical world-life-view and value system throughout all of its academic instructional and student activities. Character training, daily Bible classes, and service projects are also integral parts of FWCS's curriculum.


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Exceptional Graduates

FWCS's alumni are known throughout the community for their exceptional Christian character, work habits, and advanced academic abilities.


What the community says about FWCS

The Great Schools community rates first Wesleyan Christian School as 5 stars, stating it is "...a wonderful school known for academic excellence and its public speaking instruction."

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Trulia home, school, and neighborhood information rates first Wesleyan Christian School as 4.5 stars, stating "...moving my daughter to FWCS was one of the best decisions I've ever made."

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Google+ reviewers rate FWCS as 5 stars, stating it is a "...Great pre-school and K-8 ...the summer program is simply amazing. The year-round curriculum and day care can't be beat."

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What parents say about FWCS

We have had our kids here at FWCS since 2006. The staff and teachers are excellent to work with. We are excited that our kids have the opportunity to learn about God during their school day as well. A+ for First Wesleyan Christian School.


Rondel Guffey