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Professional and Spiritual Excellence


Staff statistics

FWCS's 40 staff members attend some 30 different evangelical Bible-believing churches. The most commonly attended churches are Baptist, Church of God, and Wesleyan.
All staff members are required to be active Christian believers who are able to naturally integrate Biblical truths into all areas of their instruction and daily lives. They are expected to serve as both spiritual role models and spiritual mentors to FWCS students.
All staff members are required to live pure, consecrated lifestyles honoring to their Lord and Savior.
FWCS is unique in that it requires all its K-8 classroom teachers to pass a general Bible knowledge assessment test as part of its hiring process.
FWCS enjoys a very low staff turnover rate. In a typical year, only two or three of its 25 teachers do not return or renew their contracts.
Most of FWCS's teachers have been on FWCS's staff for over five years. Several have been on staff for over 10 years.
FWCS's K-8 teachers have an average of sixteen years of classroom teaching experience while its preschool teachers have an average of six years of teaching experience.

Rev. John Wilfong

FWCS's administrator, Rev. John Wilfong, has been leading the school since June of 2002. He has been working in the field of Christian school administration since 1982 and holds two master's degrees in the educational field. Mr. Wilfong has also completed an additional 30-plus post-graduate credits and over 300 seminar training hours in the areas of counseling and special education issues such as learning disabilities, school-readiness testing, ADD, etc. He has conducted over 30 training seminars for public school districts and at Christian School teachers conventions.


Stacie Harkey

FWCS's preschool director, Mrs. Stacie Harkey, has been on FWCS's staff since 2006. Mrs. Harkey began serving as FWCS's preschool director in June of 2008. She has a great love for children and seeks to see each preschooler grow both academically and spiritually.



What parents say about FWCS

First Wesleyan Christian School has provided exceptional child care for our son since he was two years old. Now he is in kindergarten at FWCS, and we wouldn’t want him to be anywhere else. Students at FWCS receive a quality, accelerated education at an affordable tuition price.


Courtney Brazil
Kindergarten Parent