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Safe Environment

A positive, safe Christian environment where profanity, bullying, and taunting are not accepted as normal or acceptable behaviors.


public speaking wesleyan school

Public Speaking

All students in grades 1-8 receive intense training in public speaking and are given the opportunity to perform publicly either in front of their parents and/or in ACSI regional speech meets. We know of no other school in the state that offers this.


christian worldview wesleyan school

Christian Worldview

An academic curriculum built around a traditional Christian world-view regarding the origin of the universe, the existence of God and the supernatural world, absolute truth and morals, the origin of man, man's need of spiritual rebirth, the afterlife, life-style choices, etc.


christian science wesleyan school

Science & Creationism

Science and history texts that openly promote patriotism, Christian values, and Biblical creationism. Middle school students annually receive two weeks of in-depth instruction regarding creationism.


christian history wesleyan school

Survey of Church History

Middle school students study church history events related to the early church, the Reformation, the modern missions movement, and various great Christian leaders and events throughout the Christian era.


christian mission values wesleyan school

Christian Missions

Students are regularly challenged regarding a vision for global Christian missions and are equipped with a basic understanding of other world cultures and religions. Students also learn basic witnessing skills.


life skills wesleyan school

Christian Life Skills

Students receive specific training in practical Christian life skills such as prayer, personal relationships, Bible study methods, giving their testimonies, witnessing for Christ, etc.


christian teaching staff wesleyan school

Christian Teaching Staff

A teaching staff composed of conservative Christian believers from over 30 churches who are expected to integrate and model Christian values and attitudes throughout all academic classes and extracurricular activities.


small computer classes at wesleyan school

Computer Keyboard Training

By their eighth grade graduation, most FWCS students are typing over 50 wpm and several as high as 90 wpm.


bible knowledge wesleyan school

Bible Knowledge

Weekly chapels and/or daily Bible lessons, which emphasize personal faith, Godly character, ethical behavior, and general Bible knowledge.


scripture memorization wesleyan school

Scripture Memorization

Scripture memorization that includes the annual memorization of the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, and the Gospel. — I Corinthians 15:1-6. Most students learn 25 to 30 verses annually.


computer classes wesleyan school

Small Computer Classes

Computer instruction at FWCS in grades K-5 is usually given to one-half of each class at a time. Thus, the average FWCS computer class size is six to nine students, which enables in-depth, personalized instruction.


biblical principles wesleyan school

Integration of Biblical Principles

The systematic integration of Biblical principles and truths throughout all academic subjects and school activities. A Bible class is not merely tacked onto a secular curriculum as is found in many religious schools across America.


christian ministry wesleyan school

Christian Ministry Training

Students are equipped with essential skills necessary for later Christian ministry such as public speaking, witnessing, drama, reading music, public singing, etc.


First Wesleyan Christian School's Uniqueness Compared to Other Christian Schools



What parents say about FWCS

The education my daughter is receiving at First Wesleyan is priceless. From the loving care she receives from her teacher to the fast-paced learning environment she is being given a solid foundation for future academic and vocational success. I also greatly appreciate the Christ-centered education she experiences everyday since it will serve her well throughout her life.


Kaylan McCaskill
First Grade Parent