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Uniqueness to Christian Schools


Educating for Eternity

"I loved my time at FWCS because it was truly unlike any other school. One of my favorite things was the intimate class size. I never felt overlooked. The daily special classes in Art, Music, Spanish, PE, and Computers were fun and educational." -Michelle (Mills) Lakin


Enriched and expanded K-8 Bible curriculum

Beyond its A Beka, Bob Jones, and Veritas curriculum, FWCS has added numerous educational experiences not usually taught in other Christian schools or Sunday schools.

  • Grades 2-8 learn how to use study Bibles.
  • All grades receive specific training to equip them with personal evangelism skills.
  • All grades learn specific/exact content of the gospel message - I Corinthians 15:1-6
  • All grades view the Jesus video each year.
  • All grades study twelve proofs for Jesus' physical resurrection each year.
  • Grades 6-8 learn principles of Bible interpretation.
  • Grades 6-8 learn how to give group devotions.
  • Grades 6-8 learn how to have personal devotions.


Christian textbooks chosen from many publishers

FWCS students enjoy the strengths and other beneficial features of text books carefully selected from several Christian publishers instead of being locked into a single publisher or series of textbooks. FWCS believes that no single publisher is equally as strong in all subject areas.

Smaller class sizes & student to teacher ratio

FWCS's K-8 classes average 14 students and FWCS's preschool classes have a student to teacher ratio between 10:1 and 13:1.

Public speaking training for all students

FWCS has made training in public speaking an essential part of its curriculum. All FWCS students in grades 1-8 annually receive specific, intense training in public speaking and are given several opportunities to perform publicly either in front of their parents and/or in ACSI regional competitions that are held at FWCS.

After-school enrichment opportunities

FWCS offers numerous after-school enrichment activities such as chess club, music lessons, art, drama, science club, and more.

Extra-Curricular Activities

FWCS accesses the Bible knowledge of new K-8 teachers when hiring

FWCS is one of very few Christian schools in the entire nation that requires K-8 teacher candidates to pass a Bible knowledge test as part of its hiring process.

Small computer classes of 7 to 10 students

Computer instruction at FWCS is usually given to one-half of each class at a time. Thus, the average computer class size is 7 to 10 students, which enables in-depth, personalized instruction.

Middle schoolers learn advanced keyboarding. All FWCS students learn correct keyboarding skills starting in the primary grades. By eighth grade graduation, most students are typing at least 50 wpm and several as high as 90 wpm.

Enrichment classes in art, music, Spanish, etc.

Each week all K-8 students at FWCS have at least five other specialized teachers in the subject areas of art, music, Spanish, P.E., computer, and library. Middle schoolers also have weekly home economics classes.