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General Financial Policies

Registration Fees:

  • Paid annually by all new and re-enrolling students.
  • Due when application forms are submitted for students to be *officially enrolled.
  • Are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Discount for Full Payment:

  • FWCS allows a 2% discount when tuition fees are paid in full by July 10.

Methods of Payment:

  • Cash, Checks, Debit Cards, and Credit Cards (there is a 2% service fee for all credit card payments). Payments may be made on our website (3% fee).

Late Payments and Late Pick-up Fees:

  • Preschool tuition fees are due in advance each week. A $5 per day late fee will be assessed starting at 9 a.m. Tuesday.
  • Elementary (K-8) fees are due on the first day of various assigned months. A $30 late fee is charged on delinquent book fees and tuition payments not received by the tenth.
  • Late pick-up after 6 p.m.—$10 charge for each 15 minutes or fraction thereof.

Returned Check Fee:

  • A $20 charge is made for each insufficient funds check. After two returned checks the school reserves the right to require all future payments to be made in cash.
    • Postdated Checks:
      • FWCS does not accept postdated checks. All late fees are fully applicable and will be assessed when families unknowingly submit postdated checks to our bookkeeper.
      • Postdated checks will not be held, but will be deposited on the day received.

Delinquent Account Policies:

  • Preschool students will be excluded from class if their accounts are five days delinquent.
  • K-8 students will be excluded from class if their accounts are 15 days delinquent.
  • Final (K–8th) report cards and official school records will not be released to parents
    or forwarded to other schools until a family’s account is brought current.

Policy Regarding Students Leaving FWCS:

  • Pre-enrolled students who later decide not to attend FWCS in the fall will not receive a refund of their registration fees. Families notifying the office before the first day of classes in August will receive a full refund of their July 1 tuition installment payment.
  • K–8 students leaving FWCS during the school year will be obligated to only pay tuition for the exact pro-rated number of school days they were enrolled in FWCS.

* Officially enrolled at FWCS is contingent on enrollment forms completed with registration fees and an approved entrance test.