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Message from Pastor Kenny

A Message from Pastor Kenny.

The previous year has presented our schools with new challenges. Navigating these new challenges was not an easy task for FWCS. Our success is due to the commitment, resilience, and creativity of our staff who put in numerous hours above previous expectations. Though the pandemic took a toll on our finances, our emotions, and our impact in the community, it did not crush us. We are more committed than ever to the vision of FWCS to “prepare young people for the Kingdom of God and the Marketplace of Ideas.” Let me share with you a few things that you can continue to expect for this upcoming summer and academic year.

  1. We will continue to emphasize the importance of safety both for students and staff, following the most updated recommendations of the State.
  2. We will continue to transition into a more frequent and essential use of technology as a means of communication and learning.
  3. We will continue to emphasize the importance of physical presence for education while also doing our best to keep students and staff safe.
  4. We will continue to offer Christian education at a competitively affordable cost that balances the needs of our community with the quality of our education and the care for our staff.

A few changes are also being put into place. The pandemic has greatly impacted what is normal, forcing us to be creative. Let me share some of the changes we have made and are working on.

  1. This year, three of our contracted administrative staff gave their resignations as they anticipate new and exciting opportunities. Their combined years of service equal almost 40 years. They will be extremely missed! Though impossible to replace, we have put together an administrative plan for the following academic year that we are excited to share.
  2. I, Pastor Kenny Johnston, will be the Headmaster for the 2021-2022 school year and Pastor Cindy Wolford will serve as the Vice Principal and Pre-School Director. We are turning three administrative positions into two. Together, Cindy and I will bring experiences from business and education and ministry to the
    culture of FWCS.
  3. We are working diligently to provide a few new areas of assistance that were not previously available. We now offer $6,500 worth of scholarships for families that need assistance with their tuition expenses.
  4. We are also working on new grants to create a foundation for needs-based assistance to those in our community that have academic potential but who lack the means to attend a private Christian school like FWCS.
  5. Finally, we are working on a few things to increase the productivity of our extended care and summer care programs, which we will announce as they become certain.

We have been slower than usual in getting information to our families regarding the upcoming year. This is not due to negligence but to our desire to be diligent with our plans prior to our communication. We are more excited than ever and cannot wait to bring you more information about the creative things we are doing to ensure that we offer the best quality of education for your children alongside a healthy environment for our staff.

I am excited about the opportunity to be a more integral part of FWCS and to be working alongside incredible staff and wonderful families.

Pastor Kenny Johnston