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First Wesleyan Christian School

Middle School

First Wesleyan Christian School’s small middle school classes equip students with many important skills such as public speaking, personal Bible study, typing 50 wpm, dissecting animals in science, music, art, Spanish, basketball, and volleyball. FWCS graduates go on to attend various public and private high schools where they consistently excel in academics, public speaking, sports, and more.

Overview Grades 6-8

First Wesleyan Christian School’s traditional curriculum focuses on all commonly-taught academic subjects while also emphasizing Bible study skills, character training, world cultures and geography, creative writing, public speaking, computer technology, art, Spanish, and music. The overall quality of FWCS’s academic program is evidenced by the many top honors its students have won in competitions against other private and public schools.

Middle School Facts

Student/Teacher Ratio


FWCS has one teacher for every 10 middle schoolers

All K-8 classes also have five additional part-time teachers for art, computer, music, P.E., Spanish, and home economics.

Middle School Class Size

At or Above Grade Level


FWCS middle-schoolers scored at or above grade level

The combined average of local public school students at or above grade level is approximately 45%.

TerraNova3 Test Scores


Middle-schoolers averaged in the 82nd percentile

All schools nationally—public/private combined averaged at the 50th percentile.

Raising Spiritual & Community Leaders

Spiritual Emphasis

Along with quality, traditional academics, FWCS seeks to Educate for Eternity by systematically integrating a traditional Biblical world-life-view and value system throughout all of its academic instruction and student activities. To accomplish this goal, FWCS employs only committed Christians who are expected to spontaneously teach and model spiritual truths. Middle school students receive instruction in church history and creation versus evolution issues. All of the history and science texts used by FWCS are from recognized Christian publishers. All students in grades 2-8 are trained how to use study Bibles, maps, charts, etc. FWCS seeks to present Christ as Creator, Savior, and Lord in every subject area and school activity.

Public Speaking Emphasis

FWCS has made the equipping of its students with advanced public speaking skills a core part of its curriculum. As part of its English curriculum, all students in grades 6-8 are required annually to prepare and perform a three-to-five minute poem or speech. Students are taught specific public speaking skills as they relate to proper stance, eye contact, voice inflections, gestures, etc. After several years of this training, most FWCS students become quite proficient and confident public speakers.

Career & Leadership Training

To achieve its objectives of preparing future leaders for churches and employers, FWCS has established several unique programs. To equip future church leaders, FWCS trains all middle school students in vocal music, creative writing, Bible study skills, and public speaking. FWCS has created a computer technology program which aims to equip all middle school students with skills in keyboarding, the Internet, and current Microsoft softwares, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc. Most 8th graders graduate typing over 50 wpm.

What parents say about FWCS

I love that FWCS offers various extracurricular activities embracing academics, sports, and the arts. I am glad for opportunities for the students provided by the Speech Meet, Spelling Bee, and Math Olympics.

Paula Walt
Fifth Grade Parent