• Phone: (704) 865-9823


Prospective families are encouraged to contact the school office to schedule a campus visit, to meet with the school's administrator or preschool director, and to check out the school's unique curriculum. Information packets and enrollment forms may be obtained by calling FWCS's office at (704) 865-9823.

Registration Fee

2021 Academic Year: (August 20, 2021 – June 3, 2022)

  • New student: $110 due in advance to reserve a classroom slot
  • Re-enroll fee: $100 due in advance to reserve a re-enrollment slot

2021 Summer Program: (June 7-August 20, 2021)

  • New student: $35 due upon first time registration
  • Re-enroll fee: $25 due upon re-registration

Registration fees are non refundable and non transferable.

Preschool Tuition Rates (Effective August 23, 2021 - August 19, 2022)

Two-year-old Classes: (PreK-2)

First Child: $182.00 per week       Second Child: $157.00       Third Child: $102.00

Three and Four-year-old Classes: (PreK-3 and PreK-4)

First Child: $167.00 per week        Second Child: $147.00         Third Child: $92.00

Note: Children remain in the same class for the entire school year and are not promoted,
regardless of when their birthdays fall, to the next age level class until the last
week of August of the proceeding fall. Note: Rates do not decrease mid year
when a two-year-old child turns three.

Financial Policies

  • Children will not be allowed to attend class if their accounts are more than six days delinquent.
  • Late Payment Fee: Preschool tuition is due in advance each Monday. After 9:00 a.m.
    on Tuesdays a $5 per day late fee will be charged.
  • Weekly tuition provides childcare from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., a hot lunch, and two snacks.
  • Preschool breakfast snacks are served from 8:20 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. each day.
  • The oldest child in each family is considered the first child.
  • FWCS allows a 2% tuition discount per student when a family’s academic year tuition
    fees are paid in full by July 10.
  • NSF Check Fee: A $20 charge is made for each insufficient funds check. After two returned
    checks the school reserves the right to require all future payments to be made in cash.
  • Late Pick-up Fee: Pick-up time is no later than 6:00 p.m. After 6:01 p.m., an
    additional charge of $10.00 per 15 minutes or fraction thereof will be assessed.
  • Tuition rates do not decrease mid year when a two-year-old child turns three.
  • A 2% service charge is added to all credit charge payments we receive. This fee does
    not apply to debit/check card payments.
  • Note: A service fee is added to all on-line payments made on our website.

First Wesleyan Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, or national/ethnic origin in its admissions, and educational policies.